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Immingham Renewable Hydrogen Facility

At the heart of a cleaner energy future

Unlocking energy transition opportunities in the Humber

The drive to net zero matters to us all. Reducing carbon emissions is an important step towards tackling the climate crisis, ensuring cleaner air in our towns and cities, and bringing significant investment and jobs to the UK. 

The UK has committed to being net zero by 2050 and, with industrial CO₂ emissions accounting for as much as 11 gigatonnes or 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the Humber sits at the heart of these plans. To successfully transition to net zero, we will need a secure and diverse energy mix, and a range of technologies. UK Government is supporting hydrogen as part of this mix.

Hydrogen is here to stay, and there is an exciting opportunity to bring the benefits of our investment to the region. Air Products, the world’s largest hydrogen supplier, has been operating in the Humber for over four decades, producing and distributing hydrogen as a process gas from our facilities in Hull. 

We’re committed to generating a cleaner energy future for people here in the Humber, across the UK and further afield, and have put forward plans for Immingham that have the potential to put the Humber at the centre of low-carbon energy production.

A proven track record

With more than six decades of hydrogen experience, Air Products has been reliably and safely 
producing, distributing and supplying hydrogen where it is needed around the world. We are using our experience as the world's leading hydrogen supplier to scale the supply of clean hydrogen, which can be used to decarbonise hard-to-abate industry and transportation. Our products and technologies will help drive industrial decarbonisation and zero-emissions transportation in the UK and around the world.


years operating in UKI 


staff employed in UKI


production facilities in UKI 


largest hydrogen supplier in the world


operational hydrogen plants worldwide


years operating in the Humber

Caroline Stancell

General Manager, Hydrogen for Mobility, Europe and Africa

“When we consider energy systems of the future, it’s really important to recognise that we will have many different types of clean energy – wind, solar, locally produced renewables, imported renewables, and hydrogen production that is both green and blue. Our focus should be not on debating what is best but instead on using a mixture of these good things to eliminate fossil fuels and CO₂ emissions.”

About Hydrogen

Low-carbon hydrogen, also known as green hydrogen, provides an energy source that is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. It can be used both to help decarbonise heavy industry—such as steelmaking, glass manufacturing, refining, and construction—and as a clean fuel for heavy transport, such as buses, trucks, ships and planes.
Green Hydrogen from Electrolysis
Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity from domestic or imported sources like wind, solar or hydropower.
Green Hydrogen from Dissociation
Ammonia is split into hydrogen and nitrogen. This enables use of green energy that is captured elsewhere in the world and shipped to the UK for onshore production. 

Benefits of the Renewable Hydrogen Facility

Air Products’ plans for a green hydrogen production facility in Immingham will make the Humber a major location for low-carbon energy production, businesses and jobs. The production facility will allow heavy industry and transport operators to source renewable hydrogen from one consistent supplier, guaranteeing reliable supply.


•  Grow and retain business
• Create jobs, and training and development opportunities for everyone from school age children to experienced people
• Ensure cleaner air for the local region and help to decarbonise the Humber


  • Contribute to net zero targets
  • Bring green hydrogen to hard-to-abate industries
  • Contribute to GVA

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Our investment in hydrogen could mean opportunity for you. 

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