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Gas Detection

Instrument calibration and bump testing

The periodic function, or bump testing, and calibration of gas detection equipment is critical to workforce safety and plant protection. Air Products’ Experis® range of speciality gases deliver certified, traceable, and stable mixtures in a wide range of package options to support this application.

The most popular choice is the non-refillable, or disposable canister, favoured for its ease of use and portability. Canisters enable tests to be carried out in the field as well as in the workshop

The Experis® range of gases incorporates all the most commonly used calibration gas mixtures.

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Why Choose Air Products Canisters?

  • Ideal compromise between gas capacity and portability
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Certificates of analysis supplied as standard
  • Mixtures traceable to International standards
  • Customised product labelling available

Our Solution for Your Monitoring and Detection Needs

Air Products' non-refillable range is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace today

Extensive Canister Range

Four sizes: aerosol, 34, 58 and 110 gaseous litres

Mixture Composition

Many common gas detection and calibration mixtures available, from ppm to 100%


Advanced technology enables us to have market leading shelf lives for reactive and non-reactive gases

Gas Control Equipment

Complete range of easy to use gas control equipment

Fast Delivery

Many commonly used mixtures available from stock, also available from our on-line shop

Need more help?

Ask us for advice on test gas mixture selection and the best gas control equipment to use for your detection equipment.


Ask the Expert

Hannah Gilmore

Business Development Specialist

“How many tests can be performed using each canister?”
The instrument manufacturer normally states the gas flow rate required in their operating procedures. Air Products' largest canisters hold approximately 110 litres, so an instrument with a response time of 10 seconds using a fixed flow of gas of 1.0 lpm might be tested several hundred times using the 110L canister.


Periodic testing of portable gas detection equipment is an important element of any safety system designed to detect hazardous gases.

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Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Speciality Gases

UHP gases, process, calibration and ISO 17025 accredited mixtures in a wide range of supply modes.