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APEX Temporary Gas Solutions

A complete range of gas services around the clock

Temporary gas and equipment supply, technical expertise and gas products, including engineering services for Purging and Leak testing applications to provide a complete project engineering service.

  • Rapid response, day or night
  • Dedicated team of specialist engineers and service personnel
  • Backed by a leading gas supplier 
  • Operating from a purpose built facility
  • On-site pumping and vaporising plant
  • Comprehensive range of equipment and experienced personnel

Services we provide:

Plant decommissioning and recommissioning (turnaround activity)
Working closely alongside your processoperation to establish the safest and most cost effective means to remove allhydrocarbons or oxygen from your system.
Nitrogen inerting andblanketing
Liquid Nitrogen is tankered in to site and then converted in to gas. It is pumped into the system or vessel at a temperature suitable for the process stream to be inerted/blanketed.
Product displacement
Most liquid products can be displaced, backinto permanent or temporary storage, by pumping Nitrogen gas into a vessel orpipeline leaving the system inert. 
Foam inerting of hydrocarbons
 In order to safelycarry out hot work or demolition, nitrogen foam is injected into vessels orpipe work containing flammable liquids or residues of hydrocarbons. As thenitrogen foam enters the system it expands to purge and fill the system. 
Pipeline product displacementand pigging
Using pressurised Dry Air or Nitrogen, pigscan be propelled through pipelines to facilitate cleaning, gauging orinspection.
To prevent internal corrosion of a system,during extended periods of storage, APEX provides a drying service. Systemswhich are stored for long periods can be topped up at regular intervals toensure safe storage.
Helium leak detection
The smallest leaks can be detected using anitrogen-helium mix which is injected into the system to be tested. Sensitivemass spectrometry techniques  will thenidentify and quantify leakage.
Rapid reactor cool down (gasand liquid nitrogen)
Reactor down time can be reduced by rapidlycooling the system with liquid or cold gaseous nitrogen.
Temporary gas supply
If a site gas source is temporarilyunavailable we can supply liquid or gaseous hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen tomeet your shortfall.
Air drying service
Air Products provide an air drying serviceusing mobile dryer units. This service is more cost effective than Nitrogendrying.
Hydrogen supplies
Supplied on a temporary basis for ReformerCatalyst regeneration or short term replacement of your normal Hydrogen source.
Waste water treatment services
For decommissioning or recommissioning digester systems, gas holders and aeration performance testing APEX can supply temporary gas injection equipment.
LPG varorisation
Butane and Propane vaporisation using steamheater exchangers to convert LPG into gas. Application is used to empty storagevessels for maintenance or product transfer & recovery applications.

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