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Welding Equipment

A range of essential equipment enabling you to use gases effectively

The new equipment range combines quality and performance at an affordable price. Whether you are using Air Products' unique Integra® cylinders or traditional cylinders and packs, our range of equipment is available at the click of a button or via your customer service or local agent.

With a range of integrated flow optimisers (IFO's), you will be able to ensure consistent gas flow rate when using the Integra® cylinder. There is a range from 8 lpm through to 18 lpm, suitable for TIG and MIG/MAG welding.

A wide range of regulators are also available; so whether you need a single stage regulator for oxygen or a high flow regulator for nitrogen, you can be sure there is a regulator available for your specific requirement.

Air Products supply a range of flashback arrestors for oxy-fuel applications. Whether it is a resettable or non-settable version, or one of the latest versions for the oxy-acetylene Integra® cylinder, there is a flashback arrestor available specific to your requirements. We also supply nozzles, hoses, torches and trolleys.

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Flashback Arrestors

We have arange of flashback arrestors designed for use with either Air Products’ Integra® cylinders or with regulators used on conventional cylinders. All units comply with EN ISO 5175-1and feature: 

  • Dust filter -promotes long life
  • Gas non-return valve (check valve) -prevents dangerous gas mixtures (NV)
  • Flame arrestor -prevents flashback (FA)
  • Thermal cut-off valve -prevents excessive temperatures (TV)
  • Pressure-sensitive cut-off valve -interrupts the further gas flow on pressure shocks (PV) (only with re-settable  flashback arrestors)

It is recommended that Flashback arrestors are tested for leaks and gas return flow safety at least once per year.


Integra® Flow Optimisers

For use with our leading Integra® cylinders. 

  • No need for extra regulators or flow meters
  • Simply change the connector and with one click you have the correct gas flow rate
  • Available in a range of flows: 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 litres per minute
  • Reduces gas consumption –saves you money


We have a complete range of regulators suitable for all cylinders and cylinder packs up to 230 bar with a BS341 No3 (5/8” right hand thread) outlet connection.

  • Single-stage Argon/ Argon mix regulators
  • Single-stage and two-stage regulators suited for all inert (Argon, Helium and Nitrogen) gases/mixtures
  • Single-stage and two-stage regulator suited for Oxygen

Regulators for fuel gases

For fuel gases we have a range of regulators suitable for suitable for cylinders and packs with a BS341 No4 (5/8'' left hand thread) outlet connection

  • Acetylene single-stage regulator: two gauges, an outlet delivering 0-1.5 bar and a maximum flow of 30 m3
  • Propane and Apachi® Propylene single-stage regulator : outlet delivers 0-4 bar and a maximum flow of 16.5 m3

Nitrogen Regulators

We also have a complete range of high flow nitrogen regulators for lasing applications.

Additional Items

We also carry a selection of:

  • hoses
  • heaters
  • adaptors
  • trolleys
  • sundry equipment for liquid supply

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Choose our innovative Integra® cylinder – smaller, safer, and easier to use.

The cylinder is filled with 30 litres at 300 bar pressure meaning that it often outlasts conventional 47 litre, 200 bar equivalents.

The quick-connecting Integra® gas flow optimisers are pre-set to specific gas flow rates to control flows and allow for rapid cylinder changeovers.

If you prefer more volume in your cylinder, then choose our gas in a larger 47 litre, 300 bar cylinders to maximise welding time and minimise cylinder handling.

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Air Products' Gastrak® Service

Save money, increase productivity and improve quality. Whether you use single cylinders or have gases piped, the Gastrak® service can help.

  • Reduce costs: By eliminating pre-weld surge and excessive gas flow rates you will use less gas.
  • Improve quality: Consistent use of the optimum gas flow rate improves weld quality and reduces rejects.
  • Easy installation: Gastrak® equipment can be integrated into an existing or new gas pipeline, or can be used with traditional or Integra® cylinders.

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