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COO Dr. Samir J. Serhan on Hydrogen's Role in the Energy Transition


Samir Serhan

When it comes to driving the energy transition, there’s a great deal of urgency.

Air Products is not waiting. We are a first-mover with significant experience, strategic investment and megaprojects. We are implementing world-scale hydrogen projects now―both blue and green ―which are essential for the energy transition and reflect Air Products’ higher purpose as a company.

It’s clear that
the world will need a variety of technologies and solutions to achieve its climate and energy goals. Today – here and now -- we do have the technologies required to make all types of hydrogen. Our multi-billion-dollar blue hydrogen projects in Alberta and Louisiana, and the green hydrogen project with ACWA Power and NEOM in Saudi Arabia―enable us to put demonstrated capabilities in production, distribution, and dispensing technologies into action. Knowing that blue and green hydrogen will be available helps drive demand in end-markets and encourages them to begin transitioning in readiness.

So, the key to accelerating the production of clean hydrogen is to generate demand for it. We believe the principal focus of the government programs and policy should be to encourage consumers and industry to use clean blue and green hydrogen. If hydrogen policy is technology agnostic, and if policies and incentives increase demand, then producers like Air Products have the technologies that we can configure in whatever way customers and countries need to enable lower-carbon forms of energy. 

Air Products' Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Samir J. Serhan, participating in a panel at CERAWeek