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Air Products Continues to Actively Support India in Time of Need

May 5, 2021

Air Products continues to actively support INOX Air Products Pvt. Ltd, our joint venture (JV) company in India, as they facilitate the supply and distribution of medical oxygen across the country. INOX Air Products has ramped up its oxygen production capability to maximum capacity.

In the last week, Air Products has provided several 20 MT capacity ISO LOX oxygen containers, which were transported by the Indian Air Force and are now being operated by INOX Air Products to meet the oxygen demand across India. We are further coordinating with various agencies to transport additional ISO LOX containers, which are expected to be received in India in the coming days.

We remain in continuous dialogue with INOX Air Products, and our teams are working closely together to understand and respond to the evolving needs on the ground. We also continue to coordinate with various industries in India, providing ongoing technical support and expertise.

The Air Products team around the world will continue to stand with India in this fight.

April 26, 2021

Air Products is deeply concerned about the current situation that the people of India are facing in the continuing battle against COVID-19.

We are providing support to INOX Air Products Pvt. Ltd, our joint venture (JV) company in India, as they continue to serve the people and country of India by facilitating the supply of medical oxygen across the country.

In response to the escalating situation, Air Products is allocating resources and assets from its operations around the world to support and maximize the supply and distribution of oxygen within India during this period of crisis.

We are liaising with government agencies and other local logistics experts to deliver multiple ISO LOX oxygen containers to India by air. These large storage containers will then be filled with medical oxygen within India by INOX Air Products, who will coordinate their transport to needed areas.

Air Products will continue to support its JV partner and do everything we can during this time of great need.

ISO containers ready for transport to India.