We are building a culture of safety, simplicity, speed, and self-confidence. Our goal is zero accidents and zero incidents. We are committed to developing our people, supporting our communities, engaging suppliers, and upholding our integrity.

Caring hands making heartRecognizing that we cannot do this alone, we engage with key stakeholders, working with our customers to improve sustainability, engaging with governments to understand their development and energy goals, and building projects to help them meet these goals. We also partner with civil society organizations to understand how we can work with them to amplify the social benefits of our projects and be better stewards of the environment.

Throughout these efforts we strive to promote safety, health, our people, and our communities:

  • Safety is fundamental to who we are as a company. Safety is a shared value, and our employees’ commitment to safety is demonstrated in many ways every day. Safety is a critical component of everything we do, everywhere in the world.
  • We promote the health of our employees, on and off the job by requiring healthy practices at our sites and on the road and encouraging them at home.
  • We are focused on enabling our employees to thrive and excel at Air Products. We have a tradition of excellence that has been built by passionate, talented people who are driven to succeed.
  • We continue to invest in the communities in which we live and work.