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Nitrogen for laser cutting

High purity gas for cleaner cuts

Nitrogen is used for most cutting applications, the most common being stainless steel and aluminium. The material is heated to melting temperature by the laser beam and the nitrogen gas blows out the melt to create the cut. We have leading nitrogen supply modes to maximise productivity: the largest capacity cylinder packs on the market and our high pressure liquid supply which eliminates any downtime when refilling.

Nitrogen Technical for Laser Cutting

Specific purity for excellent laser cutting

Recognising the importance of the purity of nitrogen for laser or plasma cutting, Air Products offer Nitrogen Technical with a purity of 99.995% (5.0 Grade) as standard for laser cutting applications. For more precise applications we can also supply Grade 5.2 ( 99.9992% purity).

Nitrogen is available in a wide range of supply solutions to fit all size of business operations.

Why do so many manufacturers choose Air Products laser gas?

Guaranteed gas purity

High quality gas that meets all laser manufacturers’ specifications to ensure a clean unoxidised cut and maintain the laser’s lifetime - for maximum quality.

Eliminate laser downtime

Our laser gas delivery modes eliminate machine downtime with continuous and reliable supply - for maximum productivity.

No loss of gas

Laser solutions tailored to your operation. Our liquid solutions ensure no loss of gas meaning you use all the gas you pay for - for maximum profitability.

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