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Process Gas Mixtures

Precise and reliable gas mixtures for applications

Air Products' range of process gas mixtures are commonly used to support or control a wide range of industrial and scientific processes.

For many such mixtures composition, accurate control and measurement of critical impurities is an essential requirement, either to maximise plant and process efficiency, or to ensure the highest quality analytical measurements.

Applications include:

  • Laser resonator gases
  • Cell culture growth
  • Leak detection
  • Furnace gas atmospheres
  • Glove boxes
  • Analytical instrumentation

Air Products offers a comprehensive range of standard gas compositions for all of these different applications. We can also supply bespoke compositions for your individual requirements using ultra high-purity gases and our advanced analytical capabilities.

Typically process gas mixtures are batch manufactured, with analytical verification of critical impurities, where necessary.

Available in individual cylinder and manifolded cylinder packs.

Readily Available
Standard mixtures available on short lead times
Mixtures blended using ultra high-purity gases
Produced within tight mixture tolerances with additional production steps to ensure mixture homogeneity
Certified concentrations of critical impurities, which are minimised to ensure your process has the highest quality gas mixture
Specified By Experts
Each product range has been defined by subject matter experts, to ensure optimum specification for your process

Discover the right solution for your gas supply and mixing device

Our specialised engineers will help you find the best solution adapted to your process.


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