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Worker is welding metal tubes

​Inomaxx® Plus

Our best gas for MAG welding stainless steel

Inomaxx ® Plus welding gas has been specifically designed for MAG welding all thicknesses of stainless steel and is available in a range of cylinder sizes or mixed on site from liquid gases. 

This gas delivers aesthetic appeal and optimal weld penetration.  If you don’t want to compromise on weld quality or appearance choose Inomaxx® Plus welding gas.

Benefits of Inomaxx Plus

Improved Productivity

Controlled additions of helium – gives up to 17% increased weldspeed compared with conventional mixtures.

Fewer Rejects

Alumaxx® Plus weld process gas is easy to use, givesultra-low porosity levels and excellent fusion characteristics. This improvesweld quality and means fewer rejects.

Improved Working Environment

Air Products has concentrated ondeveloping gases that give low ozone exposure levels. 

Optimal Mode of Supply

Full range of cylinder sizes, packs, tanks and pressures tosuit every business.