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Welder welding a multitubular heat exchanger

Inomaxx® 2

Versatility for all MAG stainless steel welding

Inomaxx® 2 is the flexible welding gas solution for stainless steel. The gas produces excellent weld quality with low spatter levels and a bright weld finish, meaning a clean weld, first time.

It is highly suited to pulsed arc transfer, offering superior mechanical properties and suitable for all material thickness and modes of metal transfer – your versatile all-rounder.

Benefits of Inomaxx 2

Improved Productivity

Reduce your requirement for cylinder handling throughstreamlined cylinder stocks - Inomaxx® 2 is suitable for MAG welding allstainless steel thicknesses and modes of transfer. 

Fewer Rejects

Alumaxx® Plus weld process gas is easy to use, givesultra-low porosity levels and excellent fusion characteristics. This improvesweld quality and means fewer rejects.

Improved Working Environment

Air Products has concentrated ondeveloping gases that give low ozone exposure levels. 

Optimal Mode of Supply

Full range of cylinder sizes, packs, tanks and pressures tosuit every business.