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Ferromaxx® 7

The thin carbon steel MAG welding specialist gas

Ferromaxx® 7 is part of the Maxx® gases range, our unique range of gases delivering the best combination of quality, productivity and safety.

Achieve more with fewer rejects especially when welding thin carbon steel to achieve maximum penetration and ultra-low spatter levels.


Benefits of Ferromaxx® 7

Reduced Costs

The specially designed formulation ensures ultra-low levelsof spatter meaning less wasted wire and less time spent on weld clean-ups withFerromaxx® 7. The versatility of Ferromaxx® 7 allows a broader range ofapplications than most equivalents, being suitable for up to 10mm metalthicknesses.

Fewer Rejects

Ferromaxx® 7 provides excellent weld penetration and arcstability.

Safer Working Environment

Because ozone is a health hazard which cannot always beremoved by fume extraction equipment, Ferromaxx® 7 has been developed to givelow ozone exposure levels. The result - a gas that provides a better workingenvironment as well as improved productivity and fewer rejects.

Optimal Mode of Supply

Ferromaxx® 7 is available in a full range of cylinder sizes,packs and tanks in various pressures to suit every business.The versatility of Ferromaxx® 7 terms of metal thickness andweld parameters contributes to reduction in stock required.

Ask the Expert

I need to reduce post-welding cleaning when welding thin sheet carbon steel. Can you help?

Ferromaxx® 7 weld process gas is specially developed for welding sheet up to 10mm. It cuts post-weld cleaning times and ultra low spatter levels.