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Ferromaxx® Gas

For faster, cleaner welding of carbon steel

The Ferromaxx® weld process gases range has been purpose-designed for MAG welding carbon steel, carbon manganese and low alloys steels.  The Ferromaxx® gases give superb weld quality and excellent penetration together with minimal spatter and low fume levels.

Ferromaxx Gases - the foundation of a quality weld

Excellent Penetration

Ensuring the highest weld quality for even the most demanding jobs

Cleaner Welds

Gases designed with ultra-low levels of spatter generation for reduced clean up times

Faster Welds

Providing increased output/hour with 15%+ faster manual weld speeds (compared to conventional mixtures)

Benefits of Ferromaxx® gas

Looking for smoother, cleaner, flatter welds with excellent penetration?  You’re looking at Ferromaxx® gas…. 

Improved Productivity

High quality welds in less time means that the overall cost per metre welded reduces. 

Ferromaxx® Plus gas increases manual weld speeds by up to 19% compared with conventional gas mixtures.

Fewer Rejects

Quality is paramount- reject rates impact the bottom line. Precision blended Ferromaxx® welding gas mixtures ensure:

• Ease of use

• Tolerance to variations in weld settings

• Excellent penetration characteristics

• Superb arc stability

• Consistent heat input and outstanding weld pool control, reducing defects

Less post-weld cleaning

Ferromaxx® gases produce lower levels of spatter due to the precise balance of CO2 and O2 meaning:

Reduction in labour cost required to remove spatter after welding

• Reduction in the time to produce the desired weld profile

• Minimal expenditure on materials for weld preparation or post-weld cleaning

Safer working environment

Ferromaxx® Plus has been developed to give low ozone exposure levels. The result - a gas that provides a better working environment as well as improved productivity and fewer rejects.

Ferromaxx Gas Range

Case Study

Combilift - How Ferromaxx® gas improved quality, productivity and efficiency