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Hydrogen BIP® Cylinder

Ultra-high purity gas with unrivalled specifications

Air Products’ Experis® speciality gases range includes a number of UHP (ultra-high purity) hydrogen products with specifications intended to deliver peace of mind whatever your application.

The BIP® range was originally developed to eliminate the root cause of some of the biggest problems encountered by analysts working in gas chromatography, the removal of the critical impurities, oxygen and moisture from carrier gases, detector gas, make up gas, and instrument fuel gases.

Each cylinder has a self contained purification system consisting of a specially designed valve and purifier bed, enabling it to deliver one of the purest ultra-high purity gases on the market today.

BIP® hydrogen is an ideal gas for chromatography with a number of applications including a carrier, fuel or reaction gas, as the impurity levels are less than 10 ppb for oxygen, 20 ppb for moisture and 10 ppb for total hydrocarbons.

Such low impurity levels have significant benefits for both the GC analytical equipment and the analysis itself, these include reduced baseline noise and lower limits of detection.

Technical specification


Specialist analytical and industrial applications require an assurance of gas purity at the point of use. BIP® gases guarantee the highest levels of purity. Ultra low impurity levels secure the accuracy of your results.

BIP® technology means failsafe analyses for all GC users, as the gases have impurity levels as low as 10 ppb THC, 10 ppb of O₂ and 20 ppb of H₂O. Every gas cylinder fitted with BIP® technology gives GC users the benefit of an improved baseline, better peak separation, lower detection limits and greater sensitivity. In addition to greater lifetime for columns and detectors and minimal maintenance.

BIP® gas is the zero-defect gas.

Download the BIP® Built-in Purifier Technology data sheet

BIP® technology changing the way you think about high purity gas

Discover an effective way of guaranteeing the lowest level of critical impurities directly from the cylinder.

​Benefits of BIP® Technology

Better Analysis

BIP® technology gives you gases that are up to 300 times purer than conventional carrier gases

Lower Costs

Lower oxygen and moisture contents can extend working life of GC columns. Saving on replacement costs, and less analytical downtime.

Elimination Of External In-Line Purifiers

No initial purchase or maintenance costs, and less analyser downtime

Perfect Carrier Gas for Gas Chromatography (GC)

Unrivalled 02 and H2O critical impurity levels minimise baseline noise and column bleed improving analytical measurements.

Environmentally friendly

BIP® purifiers are regenerated at the end of their service life

More Useable Gas Per Cylinder

BIP® technology captures trace moisture that usually desorbs from traditional cylinders as pressure reduces

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Ask the Expert

Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

“Why is gas purity critical for my analytical application?”
Some impurities can damage analytical instruments and affect accuracy of results. Oxygen and moisture are critical impurities in many analytical techniques.

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