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The full BIP® cylinder range

Argon BIP® Cylinder

Ultra-high purity gas with unrivalled specifications


Specialist analytical and industrial applications require an assurance of gas purity at the point of use. BIP® gases guarantee the highest levels of purity. Ultra low impurity levels secure the accuracy of your results.

BIP® technology means failsafe analyses for all GC users, as the gases have impurity levels as low as 10 ppb THC, 10 ppb of O₂ and 20 ppb of H₂O. Every gas cylinder fitted with BIP® technology gives GC users the benefit of an improved baseline, better peak separation, lower detection limits and greater sensitivity. In addition to greater lifetime for columns and detectors and minimal maintenance.

BIP® gas is the zero-defect gas.

Download the BIP® Built-in Purifier Technology data sheet

​Benefits of BIP® Technology

Cylinders with a built-in purifier, minimising O₂ and H₂0 impurities

Better Analysis

BIP® technology gives you gases that are up to 300 times purer than conventional carrier gases

Lower Costs

Lower oxygen and moisture can extend the working life of analytical equipment

Environmentally Friendly

BIP® purifiers are regenerated at the end of their service life

Improved Accuracy

Low THC impurities help reduce shielding effects on signals, and carbon deposits on mirrors

Unrivalled Moisture Specification

The < 10 ppb moisture makes it ideal for instruments with 'cooled chip' technology that can be damaged by moisture

Ask the Expert

Expert Trish Lees
Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

Why is gas purity critical for my analytical application?

Some impurities can damage analytical instruments and affect accuracy of results. Oxygen and moisture are critical impurities in many analytical techniques.