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Alumaxx® Plus

A multi-purpose weld process gas​ for aluminium and its alloys

Alumaxx® Plus welding gas has been specifically designed as the only gas that you need for the high-quality welding of aluminium and its alloys. If you aim for the most exacting standards, you'll need a dedicated gas like Alumaxx® Plus. A multipurpose welding gas, it is specially designed for MIG and TIG welding aluminium and its alloys across all material thickness.

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Choose our leading Alumaxx® Plus gas in the innovative Integra® cylinder – smaller, safer, and easier to use.  The cylinder is filled with 30 litres at 300 bar pressure meaning that it often outlasts conventional 47 litre, 200 bar equivalents.  The quick-connecting Integra® gas flow optimisers are pre-set to specific gas flow rates to control flows and allow for rapid cylinder changeovers.

If you prefer more volume in your cylinder, then choose our leading Alumaxx® Plus gas in a larger 47 litre, 300 bar cylinders to maximise welding time and minimise cylinder handling.

  Alumaxx® Plus
Alumaxx® Plus
I3 ArHe30 
30 litre Integra® steel cylinder
300 bar
volume: 8.14 m3
weight: 65.64kg
30% helium in argon

Alumaxx® Plus
I3 ArHe30
47 litre steel cylinder
300 bar
volume: 12.75 m3
weight: 91.58kg
30% helium in argon 

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