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The availability of affordable green hydrogen will allow the UK to decarbonise and future-proof industry and heavy-duty transport. 

Glass, steel and ceramics manufacturers are already working with us to trial hydrogen technologies for their furnaces and kilns, while refineries also have the potential to switch to green hydrogen, reducing emissions from petroleum products. 

Our proposed renewable energy and hydrogen production facility in the Humber can also support the transition to net-zero for heavy-duty transport sectors such as trucks, coaches, buses, ships and planes, with the potential to replace the equivalent of up to 20,000 diesel HGVs. 

We’re proud to be employing our expertise, safety knowledge, and technology to support these first movers in developing their decarbonisation journey — and there’s so much scope ahead. Please provide the following information if you’d like to talk to us about using hydrogen to decarbonise your operations. 

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