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NitroFAS® CER Technology

Utilize a heat exchanger to recover liquid nitrogen cold energy into circulating refrigerated water for use in central air conditioning or process cooling. This cold energy recovery is often use by electronics manufacturers who need a large amount of gaseous nitrogen evaporated from liquid nitrogen, which can reduce the power consumption of their mechanical cooling unit for energy saving.

Key benefits

  • Cost saving for enhancing mechanical cooling of the water used in the heat exchanger systems
  • Liquid nitrogen flow can be switched (bypassed) automatically or manually when needed to ensure the gaseous nitrogen supply is stable and reliable
  • 24/7 continuous automatic operation without staff on duty
  • Cryogenic standard components, high efficiency heat exchanger
  • PLC with touch screen, monitoring operation parameters, data and events logging, cold energy recovery statistical and query function


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Useful as a gas, for its inert properties, and as a liquid for cooling and freezing. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer.

Atmosphere optimization services to improve your soldering processes

Looking to improve your process? Utilizing knowledge applied at our worldwide customer base, Air Products’ global team conducts on-site audits to evaluate your manufacturing process and address your concerns. The site audit can provide realistic process cost savings and improvements, including recommendations for improving uptime, achieving higher productivity, and lowering manufacturing costs, as well as process enhancements that can be achieved through optimized gas usage.
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