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Cryogenic Hydrogen or Helium Compressor

A low-cost, effective way to meet your production requirements

Industrial producers requiring high-pressure hydrogen or helium for chemical, refinery, and bioenergy manufacturing, and space launch can now reduce costs and improve onstream time by using Air Products’ Cryogenic Hydrogen or Helium Compressor (CHC) system. The proprietary technology is a liquid supply system that provides complete operating flexibility for liquid flow rates up to 120,000 scfh under pressures up to 10,000 psig. Changing production needs can be matched instantly, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.
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​Benefits of the CHC Compressors

  • Lower capital expense
  • Reduced operating costs through minimized vent losses
  • Increased efficiency through load-following
  • Easy to install

How the CHC System works​

Liquid Hydrogen or Helium is directed from the storage tank through vacuum insulated piping to the suction of the CHC compressor. Inlet conditions are adjusted with a pneumatically operated control valve on the liquid line. The CHC unit compresses the liquid hydrogen/helium to the required pressure through two compression ends in parallel. Cryogenic discharge flow is routed to the vaporizers to be warmed to ambient temperature. Recycle gas is routed back to either the pump suction or storage tank.
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