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Tire Curing

Advantages of High-Purity Nitrogen–Steam Systems

Contrary to conventional methods like high pressure steam or hot water systems, high-purity nitrogen–steam systems can improve tire quality and allow optimization of the cure cycle by increasing pressure without extreme temperatures. With these systems, steam provides the heat and nitrogen provides the pressure for the curing process.

Nitrogen–steam curing processes use low-pressure nitrogen or steam to inflate the bladder and shape the tire after it’s placed in the mold. Subsequently, high-pressure steam flows into the tire bladder and around the outside of the mold to provide the necessary heat for vulcanization. The steam in the bladder is then followed by high-pressure nitrogen to raise the bladder pressure for the remainder of the curing time. Finally, the pressure on the tire bladder is released, and the tire is removed from the mold.

By using high-purity nitrogen, you can maintain a low oxygen content in the tire bladder, which can extend the bladder’s life and lower your costs.

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Advantages of High-Purity Nitrogen

Using high-purity nitrogen in your curing process can offer attractive economics and several technical and operational benefits over conventional methods, including:

  • Longer bladder life due to low oxygen levels 
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduced cycle time and higher production rates
  • Improved flexibility based on individually controlled curing temperature and pressure

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Air Products can provide nitrogen by truck delivery or through our proprietary PRISM® on-site generation system. We can help you evaluate your current operation and then customize and install a high-purity, high-pressure nitrogen delivery system.

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