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Inerting, Stirring and Refining for Non-ferrous Metals Production

Industrial gases and expertise for a wide range of non-ferrous metals production processes

Air Products offers industrial gases and expertise for a wide range of inerting, stirring, and refining applications used to produce non-ferrous metals. During some melting operations, inert gases can be injected into the melt to achieve a variety of benefits. For instance, nitrogen, often in conjunction with chlorine, can be used to degas or drive dissolved gases out of the melt, eliminating porosity and inclusions. Argon can be substituted for high performance applications.

In other non-ferrous melting operations, reactive gases such as oxygen or oxygen-enriched air are used to oxidize impurities as metals are refined. Hydrogen, often blended with nitrogen, can also be used to reduce oxidized metals such as copper.

In addition, inert gases can be used to effectively stir during melting, improving both chemical homogeneity and melt rates. Gas stirring helps conduct heat more efficiently throughout the metal bath, similar to how molten metal pumps are used to improve melting efficiency in reverb furnaces.

The use of the appropriate inert or reactive gases for inerting, stirring and refining, introduced in the most effective way for your process, can yield a number of benefits, including:

  • Elimination of porosity and inclusions
  • Effective oxidation of impurities
  • Reduction of oxidized metals
  • Improved chemical homogeneity
  • Increased melt rates
  • Cost savings

Air Products applications specialists can work with you to optimize the use of industrial gases in your specific operation.

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