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Fermentation /Oxygen Enrichment

Optimize bioreactor processes safely and efficiently

The fermentation process involves the use of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to make products useful to humans (enzymes, antibiotics, biomass, etc...).

The increasing demand for biological products from fermentation processes can push bioreactors capacity to the limit. Adding pure oxygen during the exponential bacteria growth phase can boost the fermentation cycle and restore operating production while also reducing the overall gas flow and associated foaming and gas flooding.

Air Products can help you optimize your bioreactor process safely and efficiently with oxygen combined with expert attention to mixing, mass transfer and other reaction engineering parameters.

Fermentation / Oxygen Enrichment

Improved Yield if the Process is Oxygen Starved

Better Control over Dissolved Oxygen Level and Oxygen Transfer Rate during the Fermentation Cycle

Energy Saving from “decreased” Aeration and Agitation

Cost-Effective Increase in Capacity


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