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Extrusion for Metals

Nitrogen shrouding

Gaseous or liquid nitrogen can be used for die shrouding in aluminum extrusion processes to inert the extrusion surface and take heat away from the tooling. Many extruders already use nitrogen but may not be realizing the full benefits of the nitrogen shrouding. Whether you currently use nitrogen in your extrusion process or are interested in using it, our applications engineers can assess your process and help you optimize nitrogen performance to improve production rates, surface finish and die life. We can also reduce scrap rates and increase the pounds processed before a die change is required.

Download Intelligent Nitrogen Die Cooling System for Aluminium extrusion process

Key Benefits of Nitrogen Use in Extrusion Processes


Protect the extrusion surface from oxidation and improve surface quality


Increase extrusion rate

Cost Savings

Optimize nitrogen usage and increase extrusion die life

To Optimize Nitrogen Shrouding, Factors to Consider Include:

  • Most cost-effective supply mode: gaseous, liquid, or on-site generation
  • Where to introduce nitrogen: die backer, bolster, platen/canister
  • How to establish optimal nitrogen flow rates
  • Tooling grooving patterns and consistent connections to tooling
  • Equipment issues, like undersized hoses/fittings, minimal flow controls and flow measurement
  • Nitrogen leakage
  • Poor nitrogen distribution on multi-hole dies
  • How many shapes and alloys extruded
  • Solid, hollow, or multi-hole dies
  • Single or double die slides
  • Tooling purchased from other extruders with different grooving, connections, etc.
  • Insufficient nitrogen flows to provide proper cooling and inerting

Helping Aluminum Producers Optimize Production and Economics

Light Metal Age’s Ann Marie Fellom sat down with Air Products’ Russell Hewertson at the ALUMINIUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan, as part of the magazine’s interview series with notable members of the aluminum industry. In his interview, the Americas Commercial Technology Manager at Air Products discussed the importance of close collaboration with aluminum producers to help them optimize their operation through our expertise, gases and technologies.

Check out our brief video excerpts from the full interview that answer some frequently asked questions.


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