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Safety instructions

Take into account the following safety instructions when handling oxygen and acetylene Integra® cylinders.

Remember ALWAYS:

  • Understand safety regulations regarding the use of oxygen and acetylene cylinders and associated equipment
  • Wear all required personal protective equipment
  • Restrain the cylinder during storage, moving and use
  • Use a trolley when moving cylinders
  • Leak test all joints with approved oxygen compatible leak detection fluid prior to use, never use "Soapy water"
  • Always use an approved and lighting up and shutting down procedure

Remember NEVER:

  • NEVER lift an Integra® cylinder by the guard
  • NEVER drag, roll or slide cylinders
  • NEVER submit cylinders to temperature extremes
  • NEVER strike an arc on a cylinder
  • NEVER allow cylinders to contact electrical circuits
  • NEVER connect anything to the filling port (not for customer use)
  • NEVER remove components from the head in order to attach other equipment
  • NEVER put undue pressure on the nipple/connection point by maneuvering or dragging the set around by attached hoses

safety guidance

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Additional Information

Operating instructions for the safe use of oxygen and acetylene Integra®
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Material safety data sheets acetylene (Air Products)
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BCGA document CP7 for the safe use of Oxy-Fuel Gas equipment can be found here. (registration required)
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Integra® cylinder, our innovation to safer welding
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