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System purging

Before attempting to light the blowpipe, purge each hose separately to establish only oxygen or fuel gas in the appropriate hose, closing each blowpipe valve after the relevant hose has been purged. This operation should take place in a well-ventilated space away from any sources of ignition.
It is essential that the procedure of purging gas systems shall take place following each period of non-use.

Lighting Up

Light the blowpipe and adjust it in accordance with the supplier’s instructions. It is recommended that a spark lighter or pilot flame is used for this purpose. Should there be any signs of leakage, fluctuations of gas supply, gas starvation or misshaped flames, the equipment should be shut down until the fault has been corrected.

Care should be taken to avoid the fire hazard caused by an excess quantity of unburned fuel gas being discharged to the atmosphere, should the blowpipe fail to ignite immediately.

safety guidance

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Additional Information

Operating instructions for the safe use of oxygen and acetylene Integra®
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