Closing down procedure

When closing down for short periods such as meal breaks, etc., steps (a) to (e) of the following list are appropriate. For longer periods, and particularly if equipment is left in unattended workshops, then the full routine of steps (f) to (h) is recommended.

Short periods

a) Extinguish the blowpipe in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
b) Extinguish any pilot lights.
c) Close both cylinder valves.
d) Open blowpipe to vent hoses separately to a safe area. Check that the pressure gauges on the regulators return to zero. Re-close blowpipe valves.
e) Turn the regulator pressure-adjusting screw to zero delivery position (by turning anti-clockwise).

Long periods (repeat steps a-e and continue with f)

f) Visually check equipment for damage.
g) Return equipment and cylinders to a place of safe storage, reporting any damage at the same time.
h) Make a final check to ensure that the cylinder valves are properly closed and that there is no leakage of gas.

When working in a confined space, only step (a) shall be carried out before the blowpipe is removed from the confined space. Steps (b) to (h) can only then be carried out. Blowpipes shall be removed from the confined space when work has ceased for more than a few minutes.
Source: BCGA CP7- Rev 5

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