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| Hersham, UK

Enhanced Freezing Capabilities Developed by Air Products Provide a Sustainability Boost for Food Manufacturers

New generation cryogenic freezing technology has been developed by Air Products that puts efficiency at the heart of the freezing process. The move comes as year-on-year growth in the United Kingdom (UK) frozen food sector is up 13.8 percent - above that of total grocery sales, according to British Frozen Food Federation data. 

The next generation technology, which has been incorporated into the company’s new Freshline® High Performance batch freezer, pioneers in terms of freezing homogeneity and efficiency, delivering a higher quality frozen product and helping food manufacturers to respond faster and more efficiently to growing consumer demand for quality frozen food. 

Producers are increasingly looking to adapt their operations as they place a greater emphasis on sustainable working. Underpinning this desire for sustainability, the freezer allows operators to reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen used as a coolant, while increasing food product throughput and giving greater control over the freezing process. 

With an increased freezing capacity of up to 30 percent, food producers can also reduce operating costs and deliver a quality product at a faster rate. Air Products’ new batch freezer has been specifically designed for ultra-fast freezing or chilling of batches – ideal for those in the food service sector or those with discontinuous production processes.  

Neil Hansford, UK&I Freshline Applications Product Line Manager at Air Products, said: “Air Products has been developing innovations in the food processing sector for decades, and we’re incredibly proud of the latest advances we’ve made in freezing technology. Ultimately, we want to support food producers to create the most streamlined manufacturing process possible, especially during these uncertain times. The improved homogenous freeze and the improved cleanability delivered by the new batch freezer are great steps forward. 

“More than ever food manufacturers need greater control over their food processes to cater to the changing needs of the market. This new technology will bolster resilience and ensure manufacturers are ready for continuing and future challenges.”

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