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| Hersham, UK

Air Products Demonstrates Liquid Nitrogen Technology at Foodex

Whether you’re a start-up business new to freezing and chilling, or an existing processor wanting to introduce a new freezing line or boost an existing one, Air Products’ Freshline® Easy Freeze (EF) tunnel freezer offers an affordable, easy to use solution. 

Drawing on the latest cryogenic freezing technologies, the EF tunnel freezer uses the extreme cold temperatures of liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to ensure an exceptionally high freezing speed that takes minutes rather than hours and results in smaller ice crystals in frozen products. 

There are several benefits to this, including a marked increase in product quality, an improvement in texture, and positive preservation of both the product’s appearance and colour, as well as a reduction in the weight loss that can be caused by dehydration. 

The freezer, which has a processing capacity of up to 500 kg/hr (depending on the product), offers a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly option that requires minimum upfront investment compared with traditional mechanical freezers.  It is quick to start up and easy to install and maintain. It’s also compact, freeing up valuable floor space, and flexible, allowing the user to easily adapt throughputs by changing the temperature and belt speed. 

For existing processors, the available rental options mean that freezing capacity can be increased without investing in new equipment, boosting productivity and alleviating bottlenecks, with the option to freeze to order. 

The Freshline® EF freezer is available in one belt width (1,000 mm), with a range of belt weaves, and two belt lengths, of 4 or 6 metres. Once installed, it is supported by Air Products’ Freshline® Process Intelligence service which enables our experts to remotely monitor equipment to improve and optimise processes and ensure consistent results. 

If you want to benefit from high cryogenic quality, increased production volumes, low costs and a smaller environmental footprint, then why not chat with one of our team of in-house experts at stand L208. We can work together with you to audit your process and develop the best possible solution for individual production requirements. 

For any pre-show enquiries, please contact Air Products’ Business Enquiries team on 0800 389 0202.