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Cross section of Prism Membrane separator
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On-site Nitrogen

Using PRISM PA Membrane Separators

Our PRISM Membrane nitrogen separators are the clear choice when your projects need a reliable, high-purity nitrogen supply that is mobile, low-maintenance, and reliable.

PRISM Membrane Applications

Among all the other nitrogen supply modes, industry veterans turn to membrane separators when they need a reliable high purity nitrogen supply that is mobile, low maintenance, customizable to volume, and appropriately sized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dew point of the nitrogen that is produced by the membrane?

The dew point varies slightly with nitrogen purity. At 95% purity, the nitrogen will have at least a -70°F dew point. Operating at 99% will further lower the dew point to below -100°F. For systems requiring extremely low moisture levels, membrane air dryers can be installed in series with nitrogen-generating PRISM membranes.

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