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Freshline® Process Intelligence

Enter the world of smart cryogenic freezing

Stay connected to your food manufacturing processes and enter the world of smart cryogenic freezing today.

Freshline® Process Intelligence revolutionises the level of convenience, efficiency and effectiveness offered by current cryogenic freezing processes.

What is it and How does it work?

 Technology based solution using sensor and wireless communication            

APPI-based offering use sensor and wireless communications


ap0149-operational efficiency
Increases Productivity

Reduces unplanned downtime Improves uptime.
Optimises maintenance schedule. 
Optimises nitrogen deliveries. 
In line with industry 4.0.
Ability of monitor use per recipes. 

 Reduced nitrogen consumption

Helps you optimise the use of your tunnel and reduce consumption where amenable.
Helps you reduce the level of over-freezing.
Distribution analysis of nitrogen by; day, recipe, and tunnel.
Enables efficiency evaluations. 

Support smart safety within your facility

Notifies you of unsafe practices.
Traceability of key process parameters and their limits.
Back-up reporting of O2 levels. 

Increases product quality 

Freezes the product optimally (advises you how to avoid over or under-freeze).
Potentially less physical product damage related to unoptimised loading.
Better glazing results where Amenable. 

Support Traceability and Quality Assurance 

Operating reports can support your quality assurance and could save you time on data analysis. 
Gives you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you will be notified. 

Smart remote customer servicing 

Provides remote access to your operating data for an improved remote support by your Air Products engineer.
Often speeds up inquiry resolution by avoiding unnecessary on-site visits. 

Case Study

“I have found Air Products’, the most responsive and best partner, for nitrogen freezing, for the supply of nitrogen and the service we get. I have also found them very helpful for their investment in new technology.”

“I think that Air Products understand the food market particularly well and understands the challenges we got, and we choose them for a good partner.”

“what that allows us to do is to have diagnostic skill, real-time diagnostic skills whether remotely or in the line. Works to allow us to achieve cost savings.”

 What equipment can use Freshline ® Process Intelligence?

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