Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Energy consumption is the most significant variable in the cost of our production processes. We carefully track and manager energy purchases, and our conservation programs are focused on continually improving energy efficiency across our plants, particularly larger facilities.

Our total energy consumption in 2019 was 52.5 TWh, representing a 5% increase from 2018. The increase was a result of our growth that was driven by rising societal and customer demands, particularly in Asia. At the same time, we continued to reduce energy use intensity for our operations, using proportionally less energy to make the products our customers need.

Our ASUs surpassed their energy efficiency goal for 2020, achieving a 3.7% improvement in energy efficiency intensity, and our HyCO operations have improved by 0.9% since 2015.* These successes were realized through higher plant utilization, increased production at new, larger and more efficient facilities, and hundreds of facility improvement projects involving changes to equipment and manufacturing processes.






*Intensity goals are configured as the ratio of reporting year (2019) value (i.e., energy, emissions, or water) to reporting year production divided by the value to production ratio in our base year (2015). Using a ratio allows the reported results to be dimensionless and protects confidential production data.