IntegraŽ Quick-Fit

Quick-Fit functions and use

Norms and standards: EN 730-1; ISO 5175
Follow National Safety Regulations.


  • Safe connection to oxygen and acetylene Integra® cylinders
  • Provide protection against: Reverse flow of gas; Flashbacks and Burnbacks

Only use

  • Product marked "A" with Integra® acetylene cylinders. Maximum pressure 1.5 bar
  • Product marked "O" with Integra® oxygen cylinders, pressure 10 bar maximum 15 bar.

Warning – Danger to Life if equipment not used in accordance with instructions

  • Use only with the type of gas indicated on the flash back arrestor
  • Use only for gas flow in the direction indicated on the flash back arrestor
  • Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure indicated on the flash back arrestor
  • Use only with Integra cylinders. Do not connect to any other cylinder type, pressure vessel or gas delivery system
  • Repairs must only be carried out by the manufacturer or its approved agents.
  • Do not connect more than one operational unit (e.g. cutting torch)
  • Additional marking, engraving or stamping on the flash back arrestor is strictly forbidden

Instructions for use:

  • Before assembling the gas delivery system ensure that all connections are clean, free from grease and oil and undamaged.
  • Do not use any lubricants, sealants, pastes or tapes when assembling the gas delivery system.
  • Ensure gas-tight connection between the flashback arrestor and hose by use of two open-ended spanners, as shown below.

  • When gas delivery system has been assembled, pressurise the system to the maximum working pressure and test for leaks using an approved leak detection method.
  • Hose connectors must comply with EN 560.
  • Hoses must comply with EN 559.
  • Hose glands must comply with EN 1256.
  • During periods of extended inactivity or at end of the working day and prior to the coupling being disconnected, the gas source should be closed using the on / off hand wheel on the valve.
  • Couplings should not be exposed to bending forces.


  • The gas delivery system must be tested in accordance with national statutory requirements.
  • It is recommended that the Flashback arrestor is tested for leaks and gas returnflow safety at least once per year.


  • No flow: Check the direction of flow, working pressure, cylinder on/off valve, cylinder capacity (full/empty). If unit prevents flow - replace the unit.
  • Leak: Check gas-tight connects. If unit damaged - replace the unit.

safety guidance

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Additional Information

Operating instructions for the safe use of oxygen and acetylene Integra®
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Material safety data sheets acetylene (Air Products)
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BCGA document CP7 for the safe use of Oxy-Fuel Gas equipment can be found here. (registration required)
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Integra® cylinder, our innovation to safer welding
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