Air Products - Inomaxx®  Our best gas solutions for stainless steel

It's more than just a shielding gas

Improved Productivity

Higher weld speeds*, excellent surface finish and corrosion resistance

Fewer Rejects

Easy to use & tolerant to variations in weld parameter settings

Better Working Environment

Low ozone exposure levels


Our superior Inomaxx® range has been extensively tested by customers and independent accredited laboratories such as TWI, UK

We have the right gas for you:

Inomaxx® Plus

Our best gas for stainless steel welding
- Up to 17% increase in manual weld speeds when compared to conventional mixtures


Inomaxx® 2

An all round solution for stainless steel welding
- Bright weld finish and low spatter levels mean more time welding


Inomaxx® TIG

Our 2% hydrogen in argon weld process gas mixture drives high productivity
- Up to 30% increase in manual weld speeds vs. conventional argon


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*Inomaxx® Plus and Inomaxx® TIG only

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Watch our video → today

Watch our video → today