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Main Applications

BIP® is suitable for any application where very low levels of critical impurities such as moisture, oxygen and total hydrocarbons are required.

Example of such applications include

  • Arc/Spark Spectroscopy
  • High Technology welding (including orbital welding)
  • Electronics Applications
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development
  • Laboratory glove boxes
  • GC carrier and detector gases: helium, hydrogen and nitrogen
  • ICP-MS: Argon
  • Blanketing and purging
  • Zero gases for continuous monitors
  • High-tech clean room manufacturing
  • Laser mixes
  • E-cigarette / vaping gases
  • A wide range of applications where low and consistent H2O, O2,
    and THC are required


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BIP® technology: the highest purity gases consistently
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In an experiment with NASA and University of Stanford,
BIP® Helium confirms that Einstein’s predictions were right
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