CryoEase® Microbulk Solutions

Laser Applications

Main Applications

Industrial laser materials processing includes the following applications:

  • Laser cutting of metals, ceramics, wood, fabrics, plastics
  • Laser welding of metals, ceramics and plastics
  • On-site fill using high pressure road tankers ensures continuous product supply with no process interruption

Laser Cutting

The laser cutting process relies on the high energy of the laser beam, concentrated to a spot of about 0.2 mm in diameter, to vaporise the metal. The molten metal is then blown from the cut area by a coaxial jet of assist gas to perform the cut.

The choice of assist gas is extremely important and can have a significant effect on the process quality and productivity. Assist gases are traditionally supplied in manifolded cylinder packs (MCP), micro-bulk (minitank) or large bulk, dependent on customer volume usage. 

Assist Gases for Laser Cutting

  • Oxygen – used at low pressures (0.5–5 bar) and low flows (up to 10Nm3/hour) to cut mild steel. Oxygen can also be used at higher pressure (up to 12 bar) and higher flows (up to 20 Nm³/hour) to cut stainless steel where cut quality is not important.
  • Nitrogen – used at high pressures (10–25 bar) and high flows (10–105 Nm3/hour) to cut stainless steels, nickel alloys and other nonferrous metals.
  • Argon – used at high pressures (8–20 bar) to cut reactive materials such as titanium and magnesium (predominantly aerospace applications).

Unique Benefits of CryoEase in Laser Cutting and Welding Applications

  • High purity gas supply
  • Available for nitrogen, oxygen and argon
  • On-site fill ensures continuous product supply with no process interruption
  • Nitrogen supply capability up to 32 bar pressure and 100Nm3/hour flow rate
  • Up to 2000 litres liquid tank capacity
  • 2000 litre tank is equivalent to:
    – 10 to 15 cylinder packs
  • Smaller footprint than equivalent gas volume in packs
  • Tanks can be manifolded together to increase storage capability and flow rates
  • More cost effective than packs for continuous high pressure laser cutting

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