About our water and wastewater services

At Air Products we have half a century of expertise in the most fundamental substance on earth - water. We have put our industrial gases knowledge to good use to make our water safe and pure. Our experience and innovative, value-added technology solutions can improve water treatment processes and help solve your treatment challenges.


Halia® wastewater services

Use oxygen to:

  • Increase the capacity of your water plant (industrial & municipal)
  • Solve nuisances issues and fight against septicity
  • Recover your plant efficiency without investment
  • Reduce your sludge production

Use ozone to:

  • Treat micro-contaminants and hard COD
  • Reduce sludge production
  • Manage water reuse (disinfection & COD removal)

Use carbon dioxide to:

  • Safely manage your pH adjustment

Halia® clean and drinkable water services

    Use oxygen to:

    • Improve ozone production
    • Improve aeration for aquaculture, lakes or rivers

    Use ozone to:

    • Manage disinfection for drinking water plants
    • Remove microcontaminante and EDC

    Use carbon dioxide to:

    • Manage the remineralisation of drinking water
    • Safely manage your pH adjustment

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