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“Welding Rejects are Costly”

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Quality defects have significant costs associated to them such as money, time, resources and if not ultimately resolved then customer satisfaction.

Therefore, eliminating defects, eliminates significant costs.

Creating a working environment where all employees understand and appreciate why “it pays to get it right first time” is critical. To build this culture:

Articulate and demonstrate the high cost to your business of defects and re-working. Negative financial impacts affect more than just the bottom line – employees have a financial and emotional connection to their work.

Encourage and reward ideas to improve non-optimal processes that impact quality across the business – make it part of the way performance is managed. Zero defects should be your business culture Build quality into your products but be mindful not to over-engineer something that your customer does not value.

Create a measurement process to monitor improvements and continuously update it. Ensure that your measurement process puts a cost against all activities so that it is easy to communicate the benefits of your quality focus across the business. Be realistic – “zero defects” is the goal, however business is constantly evolving so this will be an ongoing process to continuously refine Ensure that all elements of the production process use the optimum materials and resources to drive both productivity and quality.

A Maxx® weld process gas from Air Products can significantly contribute to the optimal quality of the finished product whilst driving improved efficiencies.

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