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Uses and benefits of food grade gases

The uses and benefits of food grade gases are wide. Let our European experts explain a few of the possible ways  in which they can optimize your food processes, reduce your costs, improve your product quality, help you reach your sustainability goals and much more!


Ultra fast high quality freezing

Nitrogen or CO2 can be used to rapidly freeze almost any food product. Discover more with our German expert Uwe Rosenbaum.

High quality standard IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)  or coated IQF products

Cryogenic freezing with nitrogen can enable you to produce the highest quality IQF products. Our French technical expert Gwénaël Colleu will explain all about it here.



Optimized grinding processes

Nitrogen has many advantages. This is why it is used in its gaseous or liquid form to optimize size reduction processes. Find out more with our UK technical expert Neil Hansford.



Product texture optimization: whipping, aerating, hardening etc.

Several gases can be useful to reach the right product texture. Discover more with our French technical expert Gwénaël Colleu.



Controlled and improved quality of your fruit after harvest

Food grade gases can slow down or speed up fruit ripening but also reduce the astringency level in some fruit. Our Spanish technical expert Jose Luis Calvo will tell you how in this short video.



Applications for the wine industry

Several gases are used in oenology to optimize the production process and improve the wine quality. Find out more with our Spanish expert Jordi Mallén.



Applications for the beverage industry

Nitrogen and COare used by many beverage processors. Our Polish expert Janusz Pazdziora  will explain you why in this video.



Inerting, pressurizing, sparging or purging

The uses and benefits of inert nitrogen are wide. This is why many food processors use it for hygiene, quality, operational or safety reasons. Discover why in this short video with our UK expert Edward Tomlinson.



An extended shelf life for your packaged products

Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP is also known as gas flushing. It is a proven technology that extends the shelf-life of packaged food products. Our MAP consultant Jon Trembley will explain all about it in this short video.



Freshness on demand thanks to  the Freshline® Superfresh process

With this gas based process, you will be able to produce when you want and deliver your chilled products when the market needs it without any compromise on your product’s quality. More in this short video.



MAP gas selector

MAP Gas Selector

Find out your optimum gas mix for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Choosing the right freezing technology webcastWondering which freezing technology to choose?

Wondering which freezing technology to choose? (3:33)

This tutorial goes through the pros and cons

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