Freshline® IQF+ Tunnel Freezer

The latest addition to our range of IQF cryogenic freezers, the Freshline® IQF+ freezer delivers the ultimate in efficient IQF freezing. It has been specifically designed to freeze medium to large quantities of quality IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) products while keeping costs to a minimum.

Multiple flighted belts prevent products from sticking to each other by delivering successive soft tumbling motions. The result is a consistent, reliable, high quality individual quick freeze with products instantly retaining their taste, texture and moisture level, with no loss of product weight.

The Freshline® IQF+ tunnel freezer also features specially designed built-in fans which disperse the vaporized liquid nitrogen throughout the tunnel. This optimizes the freezing process, and minimizes running costs.

This IQF freezer isn’t only highly efficient, it also benefits from an innovative design for simpler operation, maintenance and cleaning. Discover more about the Freshline® IQF+  in the video and datasheet below.

Freshline<sup>®</sup> IQF+ tunnel freezer


Video of Freshline<sup>®</sup> IQF+ Tunnel Freezer

Freshline® IQF+ tunnel freezer

Discover in this short video what makes our new Freshline® IQF+ Freezer one of the most efficient solutions on the market.

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Freshline® IQF+ tunnel freezer

Where efficiency and high quality IQF are a given.

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