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Freezing and chilling with Nitrogen or CO2

Chilling or cooling, temperature control and freezing are essential aspects of many food production and distribution processes. Industry trends indicate that a rise in demand for frozen and chilled foods will continue, so more and more manufacturers are upgrading or extending their batch or continuous chilling and freezing lines.

But this isn't as straightforward as it used to be. Freezing technology has developed and traditional mechanical blast freezers, which are still the most widely used systems, are now positioned alongside newer technologies that hold a number of advantages over their predecessors.

Why cryogenic freezing or chilling solutions?

Cryogenic freezing uses liquid nitrogen or CO2 to freeze or Individually Quick Freeze (IQF) different types of food. Liquid nitrogen systems offer a high quality and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of food freezing and chilling, processing larger quantities faster, while occupying significantly less floor space and providing more processing flexibility. Due to its extremely cold temperature, liquid nitrogen freezes food within minutes, which is a lot faster than traditional freezing technologies. The faster freezing causes the formation of smaller ice crystals, which then help ensure a high quality frozen product with an optimal, taste, texture and moisture level once thawed.

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Freezing with a Freshline® MP tunnel freezer

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Freezing with a Freshline DM tunnel freezer

Freezing with a Freshline® DM tunnel freezer

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Case Study

J & J

"The fact that we have such a modern tunnel freezer will most definitely attract more customers, as it gives them a guarantee of very high quality."
Jerzy Piotrowski, owner of J&J

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Cold feat: choosing the right freezing technology for your production line

Dr Chris Kennedy, Independent consultant in the food industry, Member of the Institute of Refrigeration, The Institute of Food Science and Technology and the Institute of Physics, UK.

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Impact of freezing parameters on the characteristics of food

Adrien Agoulon, Director, Agro-Hall, France.

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