Party Tips

… for balloon inflation

  • Always use helium-quality balloons
  • Do not inflate balloons too early – the average float time for an 11” latex balloon is between 12-16 hours.
  • Helium expands in heat. If you are inflating balloons outside or transporting them in a vehicle, remember that extreme heat can cause bursting or popping.
  • Over/under inflation will affect the float time and number of balloons you can inflate with a helium cylinder.
  • In order to ensure that you are inflating the balloon to the right size, measure the distance between 2 chairs (i.e.: for an 11” latex balloon the distance should be 11”) and inflate the balloon to fit into the gap.

…for simple balloon decorations

  • For a visually pleasing effect, balloon bouquets should be grouped in arrangements of odd numbers.
  • Stagger arrangements for a good effect, or layer in groups (i.e.: 2, 2 and 1)
  • Use balloon ribbon in coordinating colours to tie the balloons.
  • Always secure the arrangements to a balloon weight.
  • When making a table decoration, ensure the lowest balloons are no less than 24” from table top to maintain a good visual line for guests.

… for balloon releases

Always follow the industry code of conduct: → if you are planning to hold a balloon release.

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