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From our leading position supplying hydrogen to refineries to make low-sulfur, cleaner burning fuels; to large-scale oxygen systems for solid fuel combustion and oil or clean coal gasification; to delivery systems to support a future hydrogen economy, we continue to invest in research and development (R&D) to develop products and processes that contribute to cleaner air and GHG mitigation. In 2015, half of our total R&D budget was spent on products and processes that reduce GHGs and address other sustainability issues. 

 icon-halia Our Halia® Advanced Oxidation System eliminates unwanted by-products in drinking water and wastewater. This offering provides people with a safe and healthy means to reuse and conserve water.

Our Halia® Wastewater Aeration Systems reduce wastewater sludge by up to 50 percent or can increase overall treatment capacity for municipal and industrial applications. This system reduces volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by over 90 percent compared to conventional aeration systems.
icon-oxygen enhanced burner We are a leading supplier of oxygen-enhanced burner and process designs for steel, glass, pulp and paper, cement and other end markets, enabling customers to achieve significant benefits: energy efficiency, fuel savings, reduced NOx and particulates, and significant CO2 emission reductions.
icon-co2 We have developed a suite of technologies that can enable costeffective and environmentally sound CO2 capture, purification and compression suitable for various forms of geological storage. Building new plants with the technology or retrofitting the large installed base of existing coal-fired assets could significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
icon-argon Customers use our argon to make energyefficient, compact fluorescent bulbs. Argon energy-efficient windows, enabling energy conservation in buildings and homes.
icon-liquefied-natural-gas Most of the world’s remote liquefied natural gas is processed with our proprietary heat exchangers and technology, providing cleaner fuels in growing economies.

Natural gas liquefaction enables stranded natural gas to be transported to countries where it provides cleanerburning energy.
icon-nitrogen Customers use our nitrogen in the cryogenic grinding process (grinding heat-sensitive materials such as rubber and plastic to recover raw materials), which enables the recycling of materials such as tires.
icon-hydrogen Hydrogen helps the oil refining industry produce cleaner transportation fuels. Companies use our hydrogen to lower the sulfur content in their fuels, reducing the amount of SOx released into the atmosphere. It also enables catalytic converters to operate more efficiently, lowering emissions of NOx, particulate matter and VOCs.
icon-hydrogen-fueling In many ways, hydrogen is an excellent fuel. It produces no emissions when used in a fuel cell. It’s nontoxic and can be produced from renewable sources.

Our hydrogen fueling stations are paving a new road with hydrogen fueling stations to power cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, and forklifts.
icon-nitrogen Nitrogen is critical to food freezing and preservation. By replacing traditional refrigerants, such as fluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and ammonia, it improves food quality and extends shelf life.

Our Freshline® modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solutions keep vegetables like lettuce freshly packaged in the ready-to-eat bags families rely on to get dinner on the table quickly.
icon-helium The healthcare industry uses our helium for magnetic resonance imaging and medical gases for sustaining life.
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